On the telly

We are usually on the telly on Monday night at 9pm on BT Sport 2. However if there’s live footy such as Champions League or mega important stuff like that, sometimes we move house. It may be 7pm, it may be 10pm but we will be on.

We are also repeated across the other BT channels all the way through the week.

For full details as to exactly when we are on, please click here. There’s loads of showings. Always check your planner just in case.



Each program is repeated across all BT Sport channels 1,2,3 from Tuesday through til Sunday.

Series Link by searching for On the Bank

Check your planner for details or click here

Get BT Sport:

You can get BT Sport directly from BT with BT Broadband, as part of a package with Virgin Media (it’s free with some packages so check just in case), or as an added extra with providers like SKY, Talk Talk, plusnet or your broadband provider.

If you have not already got BT, you can find out how to get it and how much it costs here