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Match this


Mega Match This was launched in an effort to help raise the profile of our sport. Fishing, in general, receives very little recognition by way of conventional means when compared to other sports such as football, tennis, darts, snooker, etc. In reality, angling is the most participated sport in the country yet is often perceived by people outside of the sport as more of a hobby or pastime rather than a profession.

Angling is an incredibly skilful sport with many individuals who fish at top level. Dedicating countless hours to a cause they love and feel passionate about. With a lack of high profile competitions and a distinct lack of financial reward to benefit those anglers, Maver (UK) felt the only way to gain any credibility for our sport was to introduce a competition like no other. This raised the bar for modern day match fishing. With this in mind, the Maver Mega Match This event came to fruition offering a prize at the end of it all in line with other mainstream sports.

Maver Mega Match This was first thought of back in 2010. With aspirations of a competition that would award the winner £100,000 if all twenty four qualifier events were to sell out. The concept gradually gained momentum over a period of several months and the country’s top venues were booked before it was officially confirmed with the launch of the Mega Match This website. Anglers and press alike were understandibly excited but sceptical with a competition like this having never been announced before – a competition that could quite literally change the face of the sport as we know it.